Payment Methods

Select the most convenient payment method and our staff will give you further instructions. If you find it difficult to select the method or if you have any questions – please feel free to call or email us.
Wire Transfer
We have USD and EUR currency accounts to facilitate dealing with international clients. Our administrators will be happy to provide you with all necessary banking details.
Now it doesn’t matter which area, city or country you are in! With a bank card and Internet access, you can make instant payment for your order right on our webpage – just click the PAY button below.
This is a handy payment option that only requires you to have a bank card. You don’t have to visit our office which considerably saves your time. The payment is made distantly with a high-tech and protected technology.
All transactions are done through an authentication server of BUSINESS ELEMENT LLC. All you need to know is the precise amount of your order. This information will be provided by our team. Money will arrive at our account instantly. Upon making the payment you will receive an order number in Robokassa system and will need to forward it to us.
If you want to go with this payment option, specify the order amount below and click PAY.
You can pay for your order by cash at our office during open hours.